Bomberlands Apk 0.98

Bomberlands is an android Arcade game. Download Bomberlands Apk 0.98 data free from Apkmoder.

In 2096 mankind knows the world – the era of superheroes. Every third person was making a suit, watching popular movies. Crime has been eradicated, even shoplifting thieves can be sure that when you try to steal their output will be waiting for someone in the colored dress. It would seem, came the golden era?

All I messed up the one whom everyone thought “supervillain”. Professor Digger, to build a huge underground laboratory with the help of his servants – krotanov was an eyesore in paradise.
Retaliation came quickly. Supermen squad defeated the underground complex, and destroyed the scientist …
And I made a mistake. Superheroes spared his minions. And just about the time they come.


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Bomberlands Apk data Download Link

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